Perkins Career and Technical Education Program

The Perkins Career and Technical Education Program is a $1.3 billion dollar federal program that funds secondary and postsecondary career and technical education in the United States.  Funded activities provide individuals with the academic and technical knowledge and skills the individuals need to prepare for careers in current or emerging employment sectors.  The Perkins program was last reauthorized in 2006 and statutory language can be found here.

Since 2006, the gap between the skills needed for employment and those taught in most schools has grown.  As a result, graduates find that they are missing skills required for many jobs.

Due to the need to improve career and college readiness, reforms to the Perkins CTE program are under consideration that will:

  • align curriculum with the skills needed by employers
  • improve integration of the secondary and postsecondary education
  • incent innovative teaching approaches such as experiential learning.

Click here for a blog entry that goes a bit deeper on the current statute and amendment language that would better align the program with existing jobs.